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There aren’t many pros to having crooked teeth. They do not look great, which can make you feel a bit self-conscious about your smile. But they can also trap food particles, grind against your other teeth, and even make nearby teeth crooked as well. None of this will get better by ignoring it.

That’s why you need to call Tulip Tree Dental Care today at (574) 272-6575. Instead of awkward braces, you can get Invisalign® clear plastic aligners. These will gently guide your teeth to their proper position so your smile look amazing once again. But no treatment with without its drawbacks, so here are the Invisalign® pros and cons.

Enjoy These Invisalign® Benefits

Orthodontic treatments carefully move teeth to where they belong, and there are many benefits to this.

  • A Healthy Bite: Crooked teeth often mean malocclusion (when the teeth do not come together normally when you chew), and this can lead to worn enamel and jaw pain. A straight smile means your bite is healthy.
  • Reduced Risk of Gum Disease: Food particles can easily get trapped between crooked teeth, which can lead to harmful bacteria infecting your gums. Straight teeth means less risk of getting gum disease.
  • More Self-Esteem: Simply put, you feel better when you know your smile looks better.
  • Increased Comfort: Metal braces can catch on the inside of your mouth. Invisalign® is made from smooth plastic, so it feels more comfortable to wear.
  • Less Treatment Time: Traditional braces can take 2-3 years before they are done, but this modern orthodontic treatment is often complete in just one year.
  • No Eating Restrictions: You have to avoid a lot of foods when you have braces, but not with Invisalign®. You can take them out whenever you want, so there are no restrictions on what you can eat.
  • Easier To Clean: It’s hard to get rid of all the food stuck to braces, but since you take clear aligners out when it’s time to eat, they are very easy to clean.

Know The Cons Of This Treatment

Although there are many benefits to this orthodontic treatment, there are some issues you should be aware of.

Although you can take out your aligners at any time, you still need to keep them on your teeth for most of the day. If you don’t wear them for 20-22 hours each day, you are slowing down the process, and it will take longer to get the desired results. You might need to find a routine that helps you remember to keep them in.

Yet you will need to take the aligners out when you eat. Because you do not want to trap food particles on your teeth and gums, you’ll also need to brush after every time you chew. Many people are not used to that, even though it ends up being better for your dental health.

As you can see, the pros easily outweigh the cons. Call our South Bend, IN dental office today at 574-208-5668 or contact Tulip Tree Dental Care online to schedule your initial appointment for Invisalign®. Waiting just makes things worse, and you deserve to enjoy the benefits from this modern orthodontic treatment.

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