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If you have crooked teeth, you’ve probably starred at the mirror and wished for a change instantly. We all want that perfect smile — and quick — but the truth is that good dentistry and treatments take time. Well, Tulip Tree Dental Care, your South Bend IN dental office, has found a way to correct your crooked teeth in just a matter of weeks.

It’s called Fastbraces®. This new system is a breakthrough in the way we’re treating crooked teeth. It takes about 120 DAYS — or between three to four months. That means you can fix your smile over the summer. It’s that fast! Yes, you’ll have braces, but you’ll only be wearing them for a few weeks — not a few years.

Today we want to showcase a few ways Fastbraces® is different from other orthodontic systems, short-term orthodontic systems and traditional orthodontics.

Fastbraces® is Short-term But Makes Huge Moves

There are many short-term orthodontic options on the market. While these are effective, the problem is that they are merely cosmetic in nature. These systems fix the teeth that show whenever you smile, but they don’t make big tooth adjustments. Fastbraces® does. This system is able to treat mild to moderate orthodontic problems, including some bite abnormalities. Fastbraces® works in a very short time because of the special brackets and super-elastic wire. Fastbraces® is different from other short-term orthodontic treatments because it moves the root and the crown of the tooth at the same time — traditional orthodontics make these movements in different stages.

This simultaneously movement actually reduces sensitivity, and many of our patients experience changes in their smile within a few days.

Fastbraces® Uses Only One Wire

When you think of orthodontics and braces, you probably imagine big metal brackets and wires — and plenty of wire changes. That’s true for traditional braces. Patients are asked to visit the dentist or orthodontist about once every six weeks to check the progress of the treatment or to change wires. The different wires tighten the braces so your teeth move a certain way. When you have Fastbraces®, you won’t need a single wire change. The Fastbraces® wire is made from a super-elastic material that adjusts during your treatment. This is a huge plus because wire changes often cause some sensitivity. Some of our patients who need traditional braces tell us the discomfort from wire changes can last a few days or even a week.

Other Advantages of Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® has been used for more than 25 years, and even though it rapidly moves teeth into a better position, it’s quite safe. We have trained extensively to offer this treatment, and we’d never include something in our practice that we wouldn’t use on our own family members.

In addition to the speed and convenience of the treatment, here are a few other bright points of Fastbraces®:

    • It preserves your natural bite — Traditional braces often changes your natural bite.
    • It’s a fraction of the cost of traditional braces — You’ll spend less time in your braces and that means spending less money on your treatment. Traditional orthodontics typically cost between $5,000 and $7,000, but you can get a straighter smile with Fastbraces® for a fraction of that.
    • It’s easier on the teeth — Wearing braces for the extended periods of time can cause tooth resorption, which is the process of losing tooth dentine.
    • We don’t need to extract teeth —  Many people who have had braces had teeth removed because they had a narrow mouth. Fastbraces® doesn’t require us to extract teeth.
    • You’ll only need to wear a retainer 15 minutes a day — Many people with orthodontics are told to wear their braces full-time at first and then at night to keep the teeth permanently aligned. You’ll only need to wear the Fastbraces® retainer for 15 or 20 minutes a day.
    • We could spend all day listing the advantages of Fastbraces®, but we would also love to discuss your specific smile goals. Give us a call today at 574-208-5668 or use the online form to schedule a visit.



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