Taking Good Care Of Your Removable Dentures

Taking Good Care Of Your Removable Dentures | Tulip Tree Dental Care

Are your removable dentures making your gums sore? Do they move around too much or even fall out? Then call us today at 574-208-5668. Dr. Hurcomb has helped many patients with both full dentures and partial dentures. She also knows how to take care of them so they last.

Why You Might Need Dentures

If you’re missing a single too, there are ways to replace it. But if you’re missing several, most, or all of your teeth, you’re in trouble. You need a complete smile to talk, eat, and look well. Partial dentures from our South Bend, IN dental office can replace several teeth in a row. Full dentures give you a full arch of teeth.

Both are removable. This means you won’t have to face oral surgery to get replacement teeth. By calling us today, you can schedule an appointment for removable dentures.

Taking Care Of Removable Dentures

Once you have dentures, you want them to last. Here are some tips to make sure your removable dentures keep working well for years.

1. Use denture toothpaste or denture cleaner to keep your removable dentures clean.2. Only use cold or warm water to maintain your dentures’ shape.

Very hot water is great at keeping things clean. It can even kill bacteria and germs. Doesn’t that mean you can dip your dentures in boiling water to keep them clean? Unfortunately, that much heat can warp your dentures. They could not fit well or even feel uncomfortable on your gums.

Call us today for an appointment for removable dentures. Dr. Hurcomb has the experience needed to know how to keep your dentures the right shape. That’s why you should only use cold or warm water with your dentures. After all, does your mouth ever get that hot?

3. Take your removable dentures out every night before going to sleep.

With removable dentures, they rest on your gums. The pressure from chewing food goes into the dentures and then into your gum tissue. This means your gums can get sore if you don’t give them time to rest.

That’s why you should call us today at 574-208-5668. If you haven’t taken your dentures out regularly at night, you might have problems with your gums. Dr. Hurcomb can examine your gums and help them heal up. In the meantime, take your dentures out every night.

4. Submerge your removable dentures in water when not in use.

Dentures are made to stay in your mouth for most of the day. Your mouth is a wet and humid place. That means removable one (full dentures and partial dentures) as supposed to be wet. When they dry out, the gum-colored base resting on your gums can change its shape. That means it won’t fit as well.

Keeping your dentures wet will help prevent that. Call us today to make sure your dentures are fitting well. If they aren’t comfortable or move around a bit, Dr. Hurcomb can make recommendations to help keep your dentures in place during the day.

5. Be gentle and careful when placing or cleaning your dentures.

Because they’re designed to help you chew, removable dentures are strong. That does not mean your dentures can take any kind of punishment. You can actually damage your full dentures or partial dentures if you drop them or handle them roughly.

When this happens, you need to call Tulip Tree Dental Care as soon as possible. Dr. Hurcomb can examine your dentures and see what needs to be done to repair your removable dentures. When complete, you’ll have a working smile back.

6. Visit our South Bend, IN dental office every six months.

Even if you have removable dentures on the top and bottom of your mouth, you can still have dental problems. The bacteria that cause cavities can also cause gum disease. Your removable dentures might need to be professionally cleaned. The gum-colored base might also need adjusting to fit better.

That’s why you need to call us today to schedule your twice-yearly appointment. Calling now gives you more dates and time to choose from. It also lets Dr. Hurcomb provide a thorough exam to make sure your whole mouth is healthy.

Call us today at 574-208-5668 with any questions you might have with your dentures. If you don’t have any yet, our team can explain why removable dentures are perfect for replacing lost teeth. Don’t you deserve a complete smile?

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