When Removing Teeth Is The Last, Best Choice

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No one wants to lose a tooth. But would you rather live each day in pain? Do you want to risk having an infection spread throughout your body?

That’s why you need to call us TODAY at 574-208-5668. Dr. Hurcomb knows many ways to save a tooth, but she also knows that a dental extraction can be the last, best choice.

Why Dental Extractions Can Be Necessary

Everybody is unique, but there are some common reasons why teeth can need to be removed.

  • Wisdom teeth are causing problems
  • Cavities have ruined a tooth
  • An infection wasn’t caught in time
  • Gum disease will soon make a tooth fall out
  • There are too many teeth in your smile

Here’s why these problems usually need a dental extraction to be solved.

Your wisdom teeth are causing problems by coming in so late.

The reason your third molars are called “wisdom” teeth is because they come in when you are older (and hopefully wiser). That can cause you a lot of problems. Many wisdom teeth never fully come in. Being impacted like this creates pockets perfect for food and harmful bacteria. Wisdom teeth can also come in underneath your second molars.

Call our South Bend, IN dental office today for a wisdom tooth extraction. Dr. Hurcomb can safely and painlessly remove your wisdom teeth. This way, your smile will be more healthy.

One of your teeth either has several cavities or a large one.

Cavities are probably the most common dental problem in the US. What makes them worse is how you can have them and not know it. Enamel has no nerves, so cavities may not hurt. If you have several cavities in one tooth or one that grew really big, there might not be enough healthy enamel left.

That’s why you need to call us at 574-208-5668 today. Your teeth could be damaged without you realizing it. If you have a tooth that damaged, Dr. Hurcomb has the training and experience to remove that tooth without stress or pain for you.

Bacteria infected the pulp inside your tooth and spread too far.

Cavities aren’t the only problem caused by harmful bacteria. If they get inside your tooth, they infect the dental pulp there. This is home to your nerve endings and blood vessels for that tooth. If the infection spreads too far in the pulp, Dr. Hurcomb would need to remove so much dental pulp that your tooth is basically dead. Besides, these infections usually hurt a lot.

By calling our South Bend, IN dental office today, you can get a dental extraction to relieve the pain. If the tooth cannot be saved, it makes sense to remove it so you can live pain-free again.

Gum disease is making a tooth fall out any day now.

With gum disease, you are at risk of losing your teeth. This disease deteriorates your jawbone. It also causes your gums to pull away from the teeth. Combine these two problems and it’s easy to see why a tooth will fall out.

Call us today to get that tooth removed in a safe, controlled setting. Otherwise, you run the risk of swallowing the tooth or even having it break off in the socket. Dr. Hurcomb can extract the tooth so you control when it comes out.

Your smile is overcrowded because you have too many teeth.

Your baby teeth are supposed to fall out. However, sometimes a baby tooth gets stuck and never leaves. When your adult teeth come in, you have an overcrowded smile. You can even have too many adult teeth. Either way, your smile looks worse and it can be easier to get food stuck where those teeth cluster together.

That’s why you need to call Tulip Tree Dental Care today. Your smile will not get any better (or healthier) until Dr. Hurcomb can safely and painlessly remove the extra teeth. When done, your smile will look better and you’ll feel more confident.

Call us TODAY at 574-208-5668 to schedule an appointment for a dental extraction. Removing a tooth might sound drastic, but if it’s severely damaged, infected, or causing you pain, the best choice left is to remove it. Thankfully, Dr. Hurcomb is highly trained and has plenty of experience removing teeth. She knows how to help these treatments be stress-free and pain-free.

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