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If you have been avoiding getting braces because you don’t want to commit to years of “metal mouth,” contact Tulip Tree Dental Care to learn about Fastbraces®! At our South Bend, IN dentist office, Dr. Nicole Hurcomb and our professional dental team are proud to offer this cutting-edge orthodontics option to our patients! Visit our South Bend, IN dental practice today to know more about Fastbraces®, call us to schedule your Fastbraces® South Bend, IN area appointment today.


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The Advantages Of Fastbraces®

The name isn’t a gimmick – some treatments with Fastbraces® are completed in less than 120 days!
But that’s not the only advantage of Fastbraces®. Traditional braces not only take longer but can also hurt because they require the crown to move first and the root to follow. With conventional braces, you’ll also have to endure wire changes and tightenings.

In contrast, Fastbraces® use special triangular brackets and a special nickel wire to move both the roots and crowns of your teeth from the beginning of treatment! Here are some key advantages of Fastbraces®:

Dr. Nicole Hurcomb on the Affordability of Fastbraces®
  • Only one wire throughout entire treatment
  • Less expensive than traditional braces
  • Less sensitivity than traditional braces
  • Treatment takes a fraction of the time
  • No tooth extractions needed
  • Can address overbite, open bite, crowded teeth, gaps, and more
  • Treatment is safe – Fastbraces® has more than 25 years of research and clinical success stories

Old Traditional Braces

  • Used for Decades
  • Often Changes to Natural Bite
  • Extractions Needed Often
  • Multiple Wires Used
  • Typically 2 Years
  • Typically High Cost
  • Delayed Root Movement
  • Root Resorption
  • Pain Issues Reported
  • Extensive retainer wear / permanent retainer

New Technology Fastbraces®

  • Used for Over 25 Years
  • Natural Bite Preserved
  • Almost Always Not-extraction
  • Just One-Wire
  • Could be 120 days
  • Typically Low Cost
  • Immediate Root Movement
  • Less Resorption Statistically
  • Pain Reduction Statistically
  • Typically 15-20 Min./Day Retainers

Other Benefits Of Straightening Teeth With Fastbraces®

A straight, beautiful smile isn’t all Fastbraces® can do for you. Having straight, aligned teeth makes it much easier to keep the rest of your mouth healthy! And the improved alignment of your jaw may even prevent teeth grinding and make you feel more comfortable while you sleep!

We can also use Fastbraces® to make space in your smile for dental implants after your natural teeth have shifted out of place due to tooth loss.

Finally, while traditional braces require wearing a retainer 24/7 after treatment, Fastbraces® patients need to wear a retainer for only 20 minutes a day!

Fastbraces® For The Entire Family

With its accelerated treatment time, it’s no surprise that entire families are using Fastbraces® – children, teens, and adults. Parents often sacrifice thousands of dollars on their children’s teeth and bypass their own issues. Now, because Fastbraces® is more affordable and faster than conventional braces, everyone in the family can achieve a better smile.

Also, it’s much easier to convince your children to spend a few months wearing braces instead of two years or longer.

Book Your Fastbraces® Consultation

If you’re ready to achieve the straight smile of your dreams, call Tulip Tree Dental Care at (574) 272-6575 to learn more about what Fastbraces® can do for you! You can also stop by our South Bend, IN dental office in person or use our convenient online form to schedule.

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