I Have Red or Swollen Gums

If you have red or swollen gums, contact Tulip Tree Dental Care to find out if you could benefit from gum disease treatment! Dr. Nicole Hurcomb and our compassionate team don’t just do teeth – we’ll keep your whole mouth healthy at our South Bend, IN dentist office!

Gum Disease And Common Symptoms

Dr. Nicole Hurcomb on Patients with Red or Swollen Gums Read Transcript

Gum disease is a common infection of the gums that can produce serious consequences if left untreated.

Because gum disease can actually be a symptomless affliction in its early stages, you should visit our South Bend, IN dental office regularly for dental cleanings and dental exams. Here are just some of the symptoms of gum disease:

  • Red, swollen, or tender gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Receding gums
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Persistent bad breath

Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment

In most cases, we can reverse gum disease using deep dental cleaning methods called:

  • Scaling, which cleans away bacteria from between your gums and tooth roots
  • Root planing, which allows us to smooth your tooth roots to prevent bacteria from returning

We will carefully explain the treatment so you know what to expect. We will also prevent you from experiencing pain by numbing the area before we begin. To make your stay more pleasant, we can also provide comfort options, like soft blankets and cozy pillows. We can even help relieve any dental anxiety with dental sedation options!

The Consequences Of Gum Disease

Unchecked, gum disease can cause serious damage to your mouth, like the loss of gum tissue, jawbone structure, and your teeth.

Untreated gum disease has also been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and inflammation throughout the body.

Get Help With Gum Disease

If you are showing signs of gum disease such as red or swollen gums, call Tulip Tree Dental Care at (574) 272-6575 for nonsurgical gum disease treatment! You can use our convenient online form to schedule.

Dr. Nicole Hurcomb graduated at Indiana University School of Dentistry, she became a dentist in two separate dental practice before starting her own dental practice, Tulip Tree Dental Care in 2014. Dr. Nicole Hurcomb is a member of various professional organization such as The American Dental Association, The Indiana Dental Association, The North Central Dental Society, and The Academy of General Dentistry.

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Video: Dr. Nicole Hurcomb on Patients with Red or Swollen Gums - Tulip Tree Dental Care

Patients who have red or swollen gums are considered to have gingivitis. Gingivitis is the inflammation and infection of the gum tissue. If it goes beyond that, it's called periodontal disease. Follow Dr. Nicole Hurcomb and the dental team of Tulip Tree Dental Care on Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Watch more educational videos of Dr. Nicole Hurcomb, subscribe to her Youtube channel: Tulip Tree Dental Care 51584 IN-933, South Bend, IN 46637 574-208-5668